Soiree Wine Aerator Review – A new invention available for lovers of wine everywhere.

he Soiree wine aerator review is on our list as an innovative device that allows wine to be exposed to air as it is being served.

The Soiree wine aerator is intended to aerate only the amount of wine desired at one time, rather than an entire bottle. As you may have guessed by now, we are enjoying a global jaunt to look at both new and older, established wine aerators!

The Soiree is both elegant and useful, and is certain to find a place in the homes of wine fans everywhere.

The Soiree’s Elegant Look

The Wine Soiree is constructed of hand-blown glass. This gives it a look that is beautiful and timeless look which more closely resembles a decorative piece of artwork than a wine aerator. As a result of this striking design, it can be openly displayed in the home. In addition, since every Soiree is created by hand, each individual piece is completely unique.

The Soiree and its Effects on Taste

The Wine Soiree review shows the purpose of the product is to aerate wine as it is poured directly into glasses, infusing air into the liquid to bring out superior quality of taste, as is true of a number of wine aerators. The air moving through the wine then stimulates the release of flavors, allowing the taste, smell and overall character of the wine to come to a perfect balance. Because of this our Soiree wine aerator review shows there is a smooth finish to wine that has been aerated by a Wine Soiree wine aerator.

How Does the Wine Soiree Work?

As any wine aerator reviewer knows decanters have been used to bring out the best flavor of wine. However, the use of a decanter has disadvantages, like cleaning, when it comes to aerate wine when you want a quick glass after a hard day at work. The Soiree wine aerator reviewer shows the wine improves using this method and it actually allows air to flow right into the bottle as it is tipped, forcing the liquid to interact with the air to help bring the wine to its full potential.

Using a Wine Soiree At Home

Unlike many similar products that promise to enrich the wine-drinking experience, the Soiree wine aerator review shows it is extremely easy and quick to use at home. The Soiree is simply inserted into any bottle of wine, and secured with a rubber gasket. When pouring the wine, the bottle may be tipped at different angles to allow the liquid to be exposed to as much air as possible. After being used, the Soiree can be easily washed with water and gentle soap, though it is also conveniently dishwasher-safe.

Why the Soiree Makes a Great Gift

Paperweights, ties, and gift cards may seem like a tempting choice of great gift at first look, but can be very impractical and end up stashed in a drawer, forgotten. However, most people, even those who are not experienced wine connoisseurs, enjoy a glass of wine now and then. The Wine Soiree is a good gift idea for a number of occasions due to its attractive look and long-lasting usefulness.

Why Try a Wine Soiree?

The Wine Soiree wine review sums it up as elegant and tastefully designed, yet also a practical and useful invention. Everyone enjoys a nice glass of wine – and the Soiree is there to enhance that experience beautifully. The Soiree wine aerator is an excellent addition to any home’s wine cabinet, and can consistently be used to perfectly aerate delicate wines while making the process look great.

Wine Soiree Wine Aerator Review Pros:

  • Stylish and striking design
  • Great for bringing out subtleties
  • A awesome gift for wine lovers
  • Decanter and wine aerator in one

Wine Soiree Wine Aerator Review Cons:

  • Made of glass so might be easily damaged
  • Washing the glass ball, carefully remove any soap residue

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