The Oster Wine Aerator Review reveals a cyclone, infuser style of aeration.

The Oster wine aerator comes with a separate stand to enable you to have it hover the aerator over your wine glass before pouring.

Unlike some infuser-style wine aerators, the Oster has an easier and larger area in which to pour, so there you are less likely to have an accident!

Oster Wine Aerator Performance.

Despite sporting a less than sleek or attractive design, the Oster wine aerator review shows it has performed well in taste tests, improving both aroma and enhancing flavours in a variety of wines poured through it.

Cyclones Not For Everyone!

Again, as with other infusion-style aerators our review of the Oster aerator show there are some wine lovers that favour a more natural or less-vigorous method of wine aeration than that offered by the cyclone effect. This point is particularly with more delicate or fragile wines. Also, those that prefer to dine without the audible sucking and slurping noise associated with these styles of aerators may prefer a quieter wine aerator.

Hands Free Operation.

One of the bonuses established during the Oster wine aerator review is that the separate pouring stand is included and enables you to do so hands-free over your wine glass or decanter, dependent on height. With medium to shorter-stemmed wine glasses however, you may need to hold this whilst you pour to ensure the drop down to you glass doesn’t result in splashing. However, the general size of glasses tends to be larger these days.

One other point that was noted when performing the Oster wine aerator review is that the separate stand takes up additional precious storage space in your kitchen or dining cupboard. This may not matter if you are lucky enough to have a large home but for city slickers it is a point to consider. Also, with regards to mess, there is no drip-stand for the aerator device itself, so have a cloth ready to catch drips after use.

Oster Wine Aerator Review Pros;

  • Large pouring area – which allows for easier use when pouring
  • Handsfree pouring – comes with a holding stand so it is positioned over your glass before pouring. However, the stand is quite tall, so if you do not have incredibly long-stemmed wine glasses then you may need to hold your wine glass underneath the spout to stop wine from splashing.
  • Dual Purpose – can be used with the pouring stand to deliver to both Single Wine Glasses & Decanters. You can try sitting the aerator directly onto smaller mouthed wine glasses, however it is not designed to physically sit on your glass, as the spout is too long and remains static so it very quickly ends up sitting in the wine you are pouring.

Oster Wine Aerator Review Cons:

  • No drip stand is included – Things can get a little messy if you have a shorter-stemmed glass and when the last of the wine left in the aerator drips out on the table. Have a paper towel handy to mop up!
  • A little noisy
  • Not as attractive as others
  • Storage space required for pouring stand

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