In the NuVino Wine Aerator Review we introduce and test the very portable NuVino Wine Aerator.

The NuVino wine aerator review shows it is a lightweight, portable wine aerator that can discreetly fit in your pocket making it easy to take with you wherever you dine.

Most importantly the NuVino wine aerator review shows it provides a good wine aeration, with the difference in taste and aroma found in a number of taste tests.

The NuVino wine aerator review shows it also has a number of positive features, because it fits into the top of a bottle it is hands-free aeration and you can pour into a glass or a full glass decanter if the wine needs extra aeration. Old World wines often need more aeration than those of the New World for example.

The NuVino wine aerator works by bubbling air into the wine resulting in a gurgling noise and causing the wine to appear frothy at the top of the glass, which may not appeal to some wine lovers.

In addition, the NuVino wine aerator review showed it is not universally suited to fit inside all wine bottles, particularly bottles of New World wines that are more often screw-capped.

All round the NuVino wine aerator review shows it is a pretty neat wine aerator although a little pricey considering the size and lack of storage stand.

NuVino Wine Aerator Review Pros:

  • Hands-free aeration – means that this is easy to use and not as awkward as hand-held aerators. Simply put the aerator into the neck of the bottle and pour into your glass.
  • Good wine aeration  – aerates wines well in taste tests although some may prefer a more natural aeration method with less air forcibly bubbled into the wine.
  • Dual Purpose – can be used with both Single Wine Glasses & Decanters
  • Lightweight & Portable – take it with you wherever you go!
  • Froth on the wine after using

NuVino Wine Aerator Review Cons:

Unfortunately we feel the NuVino wine aerator lets itself down in the following areas;

  • Doesn’t fit all wine bottles– As with most in-bottle wine aerators, bottle necks can vary in size and therefore this only fits some bottles of wine. With others, it can leak or not fit at all, particularly some of the screw-topped wines now available.
  • No Stand – there is no stand included with this aerator, so watch where you place it after using as it can roll off onto the floor and become damaged.
  • Noisy Use – another noise making wine aerator, although the gurgling sounds that this aerator makes are softer and more preferable to the screeching noise emitted by some others on the market.

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