How Wine Aerators WorkIf you think that a wine aerator is just something that looks good on the kitchen shelf and has very little practical use when it comes to drinking wine, you’d be wrong. In actual fact a wine aerator is one of the best things you could own – especially if you love to drink red wine. If you don’t use a wine aerator you’re probably wondering how wine aerators work, and the answer might surprise you.

How Wine Aerators Work?

Quite simply they add the required amount of air to your red wine. You can use them with white wines and even roses as well, but they achieve by far the best results with red wine. This is because of the nature of the wine itself.

Red wine is quite heavy and it requires time to breathe when you uncork it. Unfortunately the act of simply taking out the cork isn’t enough to do the trick. You will have to aerate it more fully if this is going to work. You can do this with a wine aerator because it will provide you with a method of aerating it without having to decant it and leave it sitting for a period of time.

Do wine aerators really have the potential to improve the taste of your wine?

The short answer to this is yes. But the best way to really prove it is for you to try a wine aerator for real. This is the only way to see how wine aerators work.

This is best done for the best effect with a fresh corked bottle of red wine. Uncork it and pour the wine through the aerator and into your glass. You could also get a second glass and pour some into that too, without the aid of the aerator.

When you taste the two samples you will see just how much better the wine tastes when you have it aerated. If this doesn’t convince you to buy an aerator, nothing will!

Can you use wine aerators for a long time without any degradation in performance?

Certainly! This is one of the best parts about investing in such an item – you will find you can simply wash it through and let it dry, and it will be ready to be used again in the near future, whenever you have cause to do so.

Some models come with stands so you can have them on a shelf at the ready, while others are designed to stand as they are. The Wine Weaver is a classic example of a great looking wine aerator as it is very similar in design to a red wine glass – very appropriate!

Wine Aerators

You can see that understanding how wine aerators work is the best way to be convinced that buying one is a very good idea. Once you own your own aerator you won’t have to consider how wine aerators work because you will see it happening every time you uncork a fresh bottle to enjoy.

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