During our Decantus wine aerator review we discovered the Decantus oxygenates wine straight from the bottle.

The Decantus Wine Aerator review discovered that the Decantus utilizes the Bernoulli (a Swiss scientist) effect where the reduced pressure of a stream of fluid (wine) draws an air flow through diagonal thin tubes inside the wine aerator.

Decantus Wine Aerator Review- Summary of main features:

  • More aeration of wine (extra long capillary tubes).Tubes at an angle, so no wine drips from the tubes.
  • Bigger opening at the top allows for easier pouring.
  • Wine flows down faster because of a vertical planar insert (eliminates whirl pooling).
  • Easy to hold. Side handles on the Decantus Deluxe and a good “under rim” grip with the Decantus Slim.
  • A sturdy upright position on the table with the large rubber base.Base itself has a large capacity to hold wine drippings.
  • Cleaning brush for cleaning the lower tube included.
  • Stainless Steel sediment screen included with Decantus Elite Set.
  • Decantus wine aerator Stand is an easy, hands-free platform for pouring wine through the Decantus wine aerator.
  • Protective plastic tubing on the top ring prevents scratching of the Decantus.
  • Best value in a wine aerator.
  • Designed and developed for the sophisticated wine imbiber.
  • No defects or fold lines on the surfaces of Decantus.
  • Elegant appearance reminiscent of the amphora shape used by the Greeks and Romans to store their wines.

Decantus Wine Aerator Cons:

  • The Decantus wine aerator was specifically designed to aerate wine only.
  • Do not use with whiskey, scotch, rum, brandy or other beverages with high alcohol content.
  • No hands free stand or system
  • Noise again is a positive to some and a negative to others
  • Air is forcibly added
  • Drips could be an issue when passing between users

Great Aesthetics

The Decantus wine aerator review highlighted the serious curves in it’s design. Sinuous and graceful, in the shape of a classic Greek amphora vase, it has two handles for easy handling while pouring, and simple to hand off to your next guest. The review further shows the model includes a base, velvet storage pouch & cleaning brush.

The Unmatched Flavor of Aerated Wine

The Decantus wine aerator review considered the fact that when you are buying wines you want to enjoy all they have to offer. The wines need to “open up” for you. Wine needs to react with air  in a ‘breathing’ process to reveal its fullest flavor and bouquet, and aroma. That’s  why we are taking time to do look at the Decantus as part of our global wine aerator reviews. It is also where a wine aerator comes into it’s own.

How to Use the Decantus Wine Aerator

Hold the Decantus Wine Aerator over the wine glass. Gently pour enough wine to fill the top reservoir bowl. Place the Decantus into the base or pass it on to another person.

Be Careful!

The Decantus Wine Aerator was specifically designed to aerate wine only so our Decantus wine aerator review is at pains to point out that you must not use a wine aerator with whiskey, scotch, rum, brandy or other beverages with high alcohol content.

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